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5e multiclassing spell slots

Half-elves and half-orcs may select racial favored class options, archetypes, traits, and so on, as if they were a full member of both races (a half-elf can select elf and human rules elements, a half-orc can select human and orc rules elements).
Short of opportunity attacks, Sacred Flame will be considerably more reliable and will deal comparable damage (2d8.A domain wizard automatically adds each new domain spell to her list of known spells as soon as she becomes able to cast.Hex : At 7th level, she gains a hex of her choice as a 1st-level witch.Lore Master : At 15th level, he comment avoir carte steam gains lore master as a 5th-level bard.Weapon and Armor Proficiency Thugs are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor.Keen Senses give you a single fixed skill, and you're giving up proficiency in any two skills.At 1st level, a lion-totem barbarian gains Run as a bonus feat.If you're happy emphasizing Face skills, you might consider the Noble background instead, but pokemon starters all of the skills granted by both Acolyte and Noble are one the Cleric skill list so neither has a significant mechanical advantage over the other.Wrath of the Storm: At low level this will outright kill enemies.Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational.The largest damage die (d12 yields an average of 2 extra damage per turn.Unarmed Strike : At 3rd level, he gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat and the unarmed damage of a monk of his character level.5th-Level: Dispel Magic is an extremely important tool, but Magic Circle is very situational.1st-Level Spells Bless PHB : At low levels, Bless can decide if you win or lose a fight.One kind of alliance is the circle that a witch belongs.Rage (Ex) An avenger can enter a furious rage, identical to that of a barbarian.
Smite Good (Su) Once per day, a paladin of slaughter may attempt to smite good with one normal melee attack.

1st-Level: Divine Favor won't remain useful beyond low levels, but at low level it's a nice bit of extra damage with a decent duration that costs a swift action to cast.Multiclassing And Variant Classes, multiclassing between variants of the same class is a tricky subject.Rogue: Expertise and skills are tempting, but the Rogue doesn't really offer anything that the Cleric needs.Background This section does not address every published background, as doing so would result in an ever-growing list of options which don't cater to the class.Spellstrike : At 11th level, he gains the spellstrike class feature, but he can use it only with spells that are on the magus spell list, even though he can cast them using another classs spell slots.Bonus Proficiencies: Heavy armor is always welcome on a cleric, regardless of their role, but it's especially important on a front-line cleric like a Forge Domain Cleric.Barbarian A barbarian who prefers crafty hunting over pure ferocity might choose to exchange his rage ability for certain ranger class features.Divine Strike: While not as flashy as the Nature Cleric's version of Divine Strike, the ability to deal the same damage type as your weapon allows you to change damage types with relative ease by changing weapons.Bardic Performance : At 7th level, he gains the ability to inspire courage and inspire competence as a bard of his character level 4 for a number of rounds per day equal to his Charisma modifier his character level.Prerequisites: Concentration 9 ranks.Superstition is also a good trigger for a fascination with witchcraft.Firbolg vgtm : Strong, wise, and with a small pile of active abilities and innate spellcasting.Greater Order Ability : At 15th level, he gains the 8th-level ability of his chosen order, treating his character level as his effective cavalier level.The Life domain's capabilities dramatically improve the Cleric's already excellent healing capabilities, raising them to the point that you're often free to focus your prepared spells on other concerns while still being a better healer than other clerics.
Evocation Domain 0light; 1stmagic missile; 2ndflaming sphere; 3rdlightning bolt; 4thshout; 5thwall of force; 6thforceful hand; 7thmage's sword; 8thtelekinetic sphere; 9thcrushing hand.

Add Knowledge (the planes) and Speak Language (Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Ignan, Infernal, Terran only) to the class skill list.