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( change ) highest earning poker player to make a clean sweep hacer tabla rasa there will be a clean sweep of all those involved in this cover-up se hará tabla rasa con todos los que estén involucrados en esta tapadera.2.
There are also opportunities to hit the jet skis and see multi-coloured butterflies, to sail across to untrodden islands and unravel the history of colonial conflicts between The Netherlands and Spanish sailors, to talk to macaws and see bearded monkeys, finishing off with a medley.
( search ) ( for criminals, drugs ) batida f, rastreo m to make a sweep: they made a sweep for hidden arms dieron una batida or hicieron un rastreo buscando armas ocultas to make a sweep of sth ( with binoculars, torch ) hacer.
( curve, line ) of coastline, river curva f ; of land extensión f ; of staircase trazado m ; of long skirt, curtains vuelo m ; of wings envergadura f a wide sweep of meadowland una gran extensión de pradera.To move quickly over.She swept her hair off her face BUT Elle écarta les cheveux de son visage d'un revers de main.She swept the crumbs off the table with her hand; The wave swept him overboard; Don't get swept away by ( become over-enthusiastic about) the idea!; She swept aside my objections.A road-sweeper; May I borrow your carpet-sweeper?( fig ) of views, ideas espectro m representatives from a broad sweep of left-wing opinion representantes de un amplio espectro de la izquierda.Lorsqu'un mystère doit être résolu, c'est à vous que l'on fait appel.( clean ) barrer.To move swiftly or in a proud manner.( stretch ) land, water s'étendre The gardens sweep down to the shore Les jardins s'étendent jusqu'au rivage.Sont si passionnants et stimulants que vous ne pouvez pas passer à côté.( move impressively ) person to sweep into room faire irruption dans She swept into the conference room Elle fit irruption dans la salle de conférence.Vt adv ( leaves, rubbish ) raccogliere ; ( pick up, books ) acchiappare sweep (swip) past tense, past participle swept (swept) verb.

To sweep sth under the carpet (fig) balayer qch sous le tapis ( push with hand ) balayer She swept the bottles from her bedside table Elle balaya les bouteilles de sa table de chevet.Le nouveau jeu de simulation de ferme de Plinga vient darriver!( win decisively ) election arrasar en to sweep the board ( win prizes ) arrasar con todo the socialists swept the board at the election los socialistas arrasaron en las elecciones.( lash ) storm, rain, waves azotar, barrer torrential storms swept the country tormentas torrenciales azotaron or barrieron el país the beach was swept by great waves olas gigantescas azotaron or barrieron la playa.5.Here are the best things to do.The room has been swept clean.It means a whole host avoir de l argent facilement et rapidement of things to do and see for travelers, from lofty lookout points with sweeping views across to Anguilla to beautiful sands on Orient Bay.( remove with sweeping movement ) spazzar via to be swept overboard essere spazzato / a fuori bordo the crowd swept him along fu trascinato dalla folla he swept her off her feet ( fig ) l'ha conquistata sweep aside vt adv spingere di lato.( expanse ) land étendue f ( curve ) courbe the great sweep of the bay la vaste courbe de la baie ( range ) history, opinion pan m representatives from a broad sweep of left-wing opinion des représentants d'un vaste pan de l'opinion.( Brit ) ( also chimney sweep ) deshollinador (a) m/f.But its the panoramas that really draw the crowds, sweeping out for 180-degrees across Marigot harbour and the hills above Bellevue, encompassing the deep-blue ocean and even the silhouette of Anguilla Island in the distance when the skies are clear!( search ) peinar to sweep the sea for mines dragar el mar en busca de minas.

( with broom, brush ) barrido m, barrida f the floor/the kitchen could do with a sweep al suelo /a la cocina le hace falta un barrido or una barrida to give sth a sweep darle un barrido or una barrida a algo.
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