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Chip and Dale 08/27/2003 What song does Cinderella sing as she is getting dressed in the morning?
A Termite 04/22/2013 Who is the unofficial mascot of DinoLand.S.A in Animal Kingdom and what breed of Dinosaur is she an exact replica of?
When did it first appear at epcot in Walt Disney World?1995 10/19/2016 What was the name of the girl that used to own Jessie from Toy Story?Roosevelt's Supreme Court) did Walt Disney apply to his key animators in the 1950s?Gertie 04/25/2006 The song "Little April Shower" is featured in what Disney full length animated feature?Rusty 01/17/2007 In Pinocchio, who does Geppetto call over to see the?wishing star?The Fox and the Hound Who takes Belle on a tour of the castle in Beauty and the Beast?The poke bowl sydney westfield 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland 11/13/2017 What was the name of the Disney Channel series based on the film Dumbo?Wendy Moira Angela Darling 09/26/2002 The following actors were used as an inspiration for a Disney Full Length Feature Animation Character.Splash Mountain 06/28/2013 Where in Walt Disney World is the Garden Grove Cafe?Goofy What is the name of the tavern keeper from The Adventures of ichabod and Mr Toad?Khan 11/22/2013 In Toy Story when Woody asks the magic 8 ball "Will Andy Pick Me?" what is the response he receives?Rapunzel in Tangled 08/27/2015 In Up, what items can be found at the bottom of Carls cane?Animal Kingdom 05/22/2007 What character plays the dogcatcher that attempts to catch Pluto in the 1937 cartoon The Worm Turns?Pongo who refers to Roger as his pet What Full Length Feature Animation, although successful, displeased Walt Disney due to the fact that he felt that the main character was cold and unlikable?ABC 03/27/2017 In what year did the Disney Channel make its debut?Discipline and Strength In the old Food Rocks attraction, the Chubby Checker character was portrayed by what type of food?
Alice in Wonderland 02/20/2014 25 songs were written for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but how many were actually used?
He designs toys 12/20/2005 When Walt was in his early teens he met another boy, and the two did an act together in which they would impersonate Charlie Chaplin.

A Rocket 06/14/2010 In Toy Story 2 who is the toy that Woody goes to rescue from the yard sale?An Abyssinian 01/13/2015 What breed dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp?A turkey named Redfeather with the voice being provided by John Candy True or False.Walt Disney World: Liberty Square.Burbank What was Disney's final animated film of the 1950s decade?Bristol, England Who are the parents of Annette, Colette and Danielle?Discoveryland 01/20/2003 When Bambi and his friends walk across some ice, what name do they refer to it as?A Jessie Doll 07/26/2016 When Sullys is saying good by to Boo in Monsters Inc, what is the second Disney Character item that she hands him?34 11/23/2012 In Monsters, Inc.High School Musical 04/15/2008 What airlines sponsored WDW Magic Kingdom attractions between 19?1 09/24/2013 A baby zebra born in Animal Kingdom was named Kidani.Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful?The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland What Disney World park opened in April 1989?
On the back of a cereal box What is the name of Walt Disney's oldest daughter?