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Poke problem bulbapedia

What happens?" Eaten by Munchlax Ejected from the Pokédex Being burned by Litten Being put to sleep by Jigglypuff SM058 Jessie "What tragedy befalls James in today's episode?" Fired by Team Rocket Eaten by a Wishiwashi Captured by Officer Jenny Mareanie runs away SM059 Lana.
However, these segments were included in airings on other stations that aired the episode in delay, reruns on cable networks such as Kids Station, and VOD services (such as Amazon Video and Hulu ).
Where is tirage au sort roulette en ligne it?" Akala Island Shopping Mall Altar of the Sunne The Kanto region SM052 Meowth saaristo poker run 2018 osallistujat " Protokoffing evolves in today's episode!In SM107 and SM109, the options that are shown as options have a colored background representing the options of their specific color.In addition, in the former episode, the guardian deities are shown inside their shells at the start of the episode, while at the end of the episode, three of them are seen out of their shells.Lana at the beginning of the segment.Samson Oak "Which appliance will, rotom enter in this episode?In SM111, the final option for the question in is a pun on Kakigri, a Japanese desert, with Kiawe 's Japanese name being used in place of the hiragana characters for "Kaki".Host, problem, choices, question, image, extra Scene, sM003.From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.In SM099, the beginning of the problem shows Sandy in its original hairstyle, and after the end of the episode, it changes to the new hairstyle given to it by Lana.Sometimes, the host or hostess reads the answers and their corresponding colors aloud as well.In SM116, all the provided choices are Mythical Pokémon that starred in movies in the XY series.What does it become?" Weezing Solgaleo Lunala Koffing SM053 Rotom " Ash and the others enter the Ultra Beasts ' world in today's episode.Like in Poké TV, an extra scene will play after the review.Who'll be the winner?" Lillie Kiawe Hala Ash SM061 Rotom "Which of these Balls is used to catch Ultra Beasts in today's episode?" Dusk Ball Beast Ball Safari Ball Master Ball SM062 Meowth "My rival jeu casino jackpot gratuit appears in this episode.
Poké Problem (Japanese: Pokémondai ) is a question-and-answer segment in the anime 's, sun Moon series, replacing, poké TV of the, xY Z arc of the, xY series.

In other languages Language Title Chinese Cantonese Pokémon Mahntàih Mandarin / Poké Wèndá Korean Poké Munje Thai Khamtham Poké See also.SM003, each Poké Problem is typically hosted by a student or staff member of the.What do I get in it?" Buginium Z A year's supply of Malasadas Vikavolt merchandise Silver medal SM120 Lana "Which of these Pokémon do I reel in in today's episode?" Kyogre Buizel Phione Manaphy SM121 Meowth "What does the green twerpette get in today's episode?".Burnet Ash Faba James SM093 Sophocles "Who wrote the play's script in today's episode?" Principal Oak Rotom Pokédex Lillie Hobbes SM094 Lana "What do we host at the Pokémon School today?" Swimming competition Free market Haunted house Film screening SM095 Kiawe "What is the evolved.At the end of the episode, the host reveals the answer and reviews.Who's the first to battle there?" Kiawe Ash Gladion Lana SM054 Ash "What Z-Move does Pikachu use in today's episode to save Lillie's mom?" 10,000 Volts 100,000 Volts 1,000,000 Volts 10,000,000 Volts SM055 Mallow "Which one of these surprises happens in today's episode?" Lillie running.

The question relates to a highlight or fact revealed in the episode itself.
In SM100, Ash doesn't give much information on Zeraora, due to the fact that in the episode, he has become separated from Rotom.
Rockruff Clefairy Rowlet Pikachu SM031 Mallow "Which transportation method do we use in today's episode to reach Akala Island?" Airplane Tractor Cruiser Ride Pokémon SM032 Ash "What Pokemon will I attempt to catch in today's episode?" Alolan Geodude Alolan Rattata Alolan Exeggutor Alolan Muk SM033.