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Poker board reading

If you hold a king, then you know no one else can make four-of-a-kind and so their only shot at you is a full house.
A smaller full house: A player is holding the 66.
A full house: A player is holding the.
In most live games you'll have plenty of opportunity to study the board.Threats The biggest threat to your hand is another club on the turn or river, which could make someone else a flush.A Queen High Straight: A player is holding the.Lets imagine you bet and get called, and the turn brings: You no longer have the nuts because the board is now paired.In fact, the texture of the flop should heavily influence how you play a hand.Community Links, go to Page.
While a flush is better than a straight, the straight would place your hand in a stronger position.

Knowing Your Best Hand, in order to be properly prepared for playing poker its essential that you can read the board and work out your best possible hand.Preflop, when all you have are your two hole cards, a pair of aces is the best possible hand.If the turn is a card of the fourth suit, then a flush defintely wont be possible.Even though you hold suited cards, there is no possibility of hitting a flush.Youre now losing if any of your opponents have just a single Queen or Jack, or two clubs.The important thing to remember is that you analyze the texture of the flop at all times.Lets imagine youre playing poker and the following happens: Whats your hand at this point?Example #1, gagner de l argent à domicile forum you have a full house, but you could be losing to players with the following hole cards: TT, JJ, JT, T3, T2, and.You won't believe the difference reading the board will make in your overall game and the stress of confusion.After the first round of betting, the remaining players in the pot will have the opportunity to see the flop.That would be 7-5, giving a lower straight of 56789.So while you have a full house, your hand is only the eighth best hand available.With the flop, you receive your first big piece of information.

Continue by finishing out the board by placing a turn card, and then a river card.