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What those it mean to poke someone on facebook

Leader Identification: Leaders will be identified by branded Lime Green PAX Pokémon League scarves.
Gym leaders will be all over PAX, and can be identified by their bright green scarves.
Banned Mega Stones : Kangaskhanite, Blazikenite, Gengarite, Latiasite, Latiosite, Mewtwonite X, Mewtwonite Y, Mawilite, Lucarionite, Diancite, and Salamencite are not allowed as held items.Please be considerate and try to have fun!).So you can use whatever Pokémon you like!This term is found in the Ozarks, which is made up of northwestern Arkansas, northeastern Oklahoma, and southwestern Missouri.Lawrence Day on August 10, typically the throes of the dog days of summer and presumably when people are feeling especially snoozy).Limited Pokémon: There may be only 1 of any of the following Pokémon on any team: 151 Mew 251 Celebi 380 Latias 381 Latios 385 Jirachi 485 Heatran 488 Cresselia 489 Phione 490 Manaphy 494 Victini 492 Shaymin (Land Forme) 641 Tornadus (any Forme) 642.Dont-care-ISH, in Louisiana and Alabama African-American vernacular, the lazy and indifferent are dont-care-ish and dont-care-ified : Shes so dont-care-ish about work lately.Chances are good if you have a team of six Garchomp, youre going to be refused battles.The word is mainly found in New England.The word comes sproil, an English dialectical meaning strength, energy; power of quick motion, spring, activity, agility.
The famous Shuckle team, the All Stunfisk team, etc).
According to the OED, the origin of Lawrence meaning lazy might simply come from the alliteration of the two words.

Those lazy, hazy days of summer aren't too far off, and hopefully youll be lolling like a slug at the pool, on the beach, or wherever warm days might take you.Unkind, mean-spirited, or harassing behavior will, at the discretion of PPL admins, lead to you being banned from participating.Therefore, those without sprawl or who are sprawlless are lazy.Please do not abuse such tactics as evasion mtf1 loto or teams that stall for long periods of time (we have to keep things moving).Common in the South Midland states, the word might simply be a combination of "do" and "less but in some instances might be influenced by the Scots dowless, without strength or energy, feeble.You'll learn how to structure your fast so you can spend less time thinking about what to eat and more time focusing on God.By extension, to be sozzling means to be lazy or shiftless.The Redheads Hormones are making her tackling her goth friends ass in public.A poke-easy is a, south Midland term that means a slow or lazy person or animal, or someone whos easygoing.Let me assure you of one thing: YOU CAN DO IT! .This is left to the discretion of each gym leader.Between HiroNori, Tajima and Ramen Hub, I prefer HiroNori.A Pokémon using rest does not count towards this total.Tajima would be next with their buttery tonkotsu offering.Battle Type: Unless otherwise specified by the leader, all battles will be single battles played on IR, or local Wireless (GTS- Battle- Battle with Someone Nearby).
If you are using a team that is no fun to fight, one of our leaders may ask you to change it up a bit, or refuse to battle you.
Dictionary of American Regional English (dare) to come up with 13 regional idioms to describe the idle, indifferent, and lackadaisical.