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China is one of the biggest countries in the world with the largest population and a great variety of scenery, the same as it would as the perfect setting for mobile games. Everyone knows that China is a state of gamers, whether male or female and young or old. According to the country estimationevery day, around million players catch up seconds from their hectic lives to tap, click, swipe, and type. Video gaming trend is the most popular in china. Now today, the video game market of china is the highest-grossing and profitable in the world. Over million people play HOK monthly, with more than 55 million people in China alone; consequently, HOK is the most popular game overall the world.

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Enjoy some of these traditional Chinese games with your family, perhaps when you are learning about China or celebrating Chinese New Year.

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Some of them may seem familiar to you, as they are similar to games that we already know. But many of them give us an interesting insight into another culture and are an excellent way of extending your studies on China. This traditional Chinese chase game can cause much screeching and excitement!

Traditional chinese games

Play outdoors - or indoors, if you have a large room. It is also known simply as "Cat and Mouse". This traditional Chinese game is great fun for the playground. You will need a large group of children - at least 10, but the more the merrier!

The kids can be any age.

Traditional chinese games

Originally played with small inch-square rice bags, this traditional Chinese game is similar to Jacks and Knucklebones and can be played with either, or even a collection of pebbles, if you don't want to make your own "pieces". Chess is an excellent game for .

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It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it's fun, too! We have the rules of Chess, here, written so that children can understand them.

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Read online or download a printable version. This traditional Chinese playground game develops children's ball skills and their concentration - it really keeps them on their toes! It is probably best for children aged 6 or older and can be played indoors or outdoors.

When I was young, growing up in Hong Kong, the sight and sound of Chinese fortune sticks like these being used at temples was very familiar and exciting to me.

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Bundles of these sticks were placed in jars and gently shaken until a few sticks stuck out above the rest, or fell out. This is a simple guessing game for which you just need two kids! Great for passing the odd waiting moment or car journey.

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Forcing The City Gates is a traditional Chinese game for boys - and one which requires a fair amount of energy and some outside space to play! This game can get rough.

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The Four Seasons game is a traditional Chinese game used to teach the names and order of the four seasons in a classroom or group setting. This traditional girl's Chinese chase game can be played with a large group of kids - or just two. Boys enjoy it too, and it causes much giggling! Children have to learn to work together in this activity.

China games girls

It works with any age group. This is a traditional Chinese chase game, to be played outdoors. It is a good game to play with a mixed age-group. This traditional Chinese game can be played with two players or in two teams, indoors or out. It is similar to Hopscotch. It works well for children aged about 6 or over.

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This is a traditional Chinese game, played outdoors by boys of all ages and needing nothing more than a few sticks and some dirt or reasonably flat ground. This girl's traditional Chinese game is similar to Jacks or Knucklebones, and is played with a collection of pebbles. This traditional Chinese playground game reinforces addition skills. It is good to play with a class of kids, divided into teams, and can be adapted to suit different ages.

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It can be very exciting! Best played with kids aged 5 and over. The shuttlecock - a flying object made out of feathers, known to most of us through badminton, has been used traditionally in kicking games of skill in China.

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This traditional Chinese outdoor game requires a certain amount of skill, practise and ingenuity, as well as some flat ground. This is a traditional Chinese boy's game, similar to marbles. Children "win" coins in this game, so you will need to decide whether to play with real coins as the prize or to claim them back at the end!

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This traditional Chinese game can be played by 2 players or quite a large group. It develops quick thinking, addition and logic skills - but it's also fun! Throwing The Square is a traditional Chinese game which can be played with two players or teams, indoors or out.

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This game of Chinese dominoes may sound complicated but is in fact very simple to play. The game was originally played with bone or wood dominoes.

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Become a Member to access 37, printables! Age: Any. This is a simple, traditional Chinese boy's game which needs no props! Age: 5 up Preparation:.

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