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Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show" kicked off on Thursday with a pretty funny gag inspired by the huge amount of sex that tends to happen during the Olympic games. Specifically, the gag is a slow jam about the mascots for the Tokyo games hooking it up. Now, some context for this is that as always, a ton of condoms are being distributed to Olympic athletes. Unfortunately, thanks to the still-ongoing COVID pandemic, athletes are actually forbidden from boinking each other or any other intimate contact not directly related to their sports.

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Nostalgia is a powerful thing that can transport people back to pleasant times. Originally launched inNickelodeon was the first cable channel just for .

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As co-directors, Sweeney and Barber wanted to tell a documentary-style story that connected with a large audience. After his family went through a divorce and moved away when he was 11 years old, Sweeney said he and Barber stayed in touch by calling each other to watch Nick shows together. Projects that possess nostalgic elements allow us to escape from the current climate in favor of some sweeter moments.

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It also allows us to learn from our past and remember the foundational pieces that shaped who we are. There's a kid in all of us and we return to those times often because they were formative.

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In this case, Nickelodeon connected so many of us as children and still does today. Sweeney said the filmmaking experience was an exhilarating and sometimes sobering crash course in every aspect of film production imaginable. He said it was also absolutely mind-blowing to meet and work with so many of their childhood heroes. I can't stress enough how lucky we are that all of these individuals worked with us.

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Aside from the very sentimental elements of the film, Sweeney says other main themes are the power of challenging the status quo, the importance of equal representation in storytelling, and authenticity when it comes to showing real people on television. Nickelodeon, at one point in time, was as real as it got.

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As a creator and a Bulldog, I want anyone who sees the film to know they can follow their dreams and tell their stories if they go after it. The Orange Years is a positive labor of love and proof that a small group can accomplish big things, with the help of so many talented people.

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I hope anyone kind enough to watch walks away with a smile on their face and a better understanding of all the hard work that went into making an incredible network. I would also love for each person to know that they were an important part of why Nickelodeon was successful.

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A storyteller is only able to share their story if they have an audience that's willing to receive it. The Orange Years will be released on Tuesday, Nov. Related News. Request Info Apply Visit.

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