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Despite what you might have heard on the morning talk shows, healthy stool comes in all sorts of shapes: curvy, sausage, snake-like, and more. How it looks depends on how much fiber and water you have all day, as well as how fast things move along in your colon. See your doctor if your stool looks thin and narrow like a pencil for several weeks. This can be a of a GI gastrointestinal problem. This myth is so widespread that some people are obsessed with regularity -- over-relying on laxatives or using risky colonic machines.

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Copy link to share with friends. By Shannon Sims. Because Cards Against Humanity was — and maybe still is! Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

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What worked about Cards Against Humanity? We used to joke that we were selling heroin. People would look through the cards, get a little taste and get hooked.

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The eight of us have been friends for over half our lives now. I used to be glued to watching orders come in during launches.

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But sales kept coming in and I never had to decide on a non-poop-related career path. We still meet online three times a week to brainstorm cards and play-test. We also fly in from around the country to meet in person before finalizing anything. But it turned out to be a good game. Monopoly is, in my opinion, a terrible game. Not really, no.

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People like to sit down with their friends, laugh, and tell jokes. Minimizing our mass has long been cause for psychic panic, but the cards in your wallet, purse or pocket? Do tell.

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The man behind a surprising hit game found a way to mix kumbaya with winning. Welcome to the future of personal finance, where 3-D cities are built from stocks and supper clubs for millennials focus on investing. In the latest installment of Sex With Eugene, our expert addresses queries from the love-weary.

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Writer Micah Perks reflects on old boyfriends and bad influences. Colleges, socializing and dating are increasingly moving online. Poop, Sex and Games People Play.

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Facebook Twitter Love this? Daniel Dranove: We used to joke that we were selling heroin. OZY: How often do you play Cards? Or, do you hate to play it now? OZY: What are you working on now?

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OZY: What made Monopoly a classic, and how is gaming changing? May 21, Go Online Colleges, socializing and dating are increasingly moving online. A Modern Media Company.