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As an outsider looking in, you would assume that adult games rarely made use of child friendly content.


It seems that Sonic the Hedgehog is no different and the supersonic hedgehog has been the subject of a of these titles. Then perhaps somewhat like Babysitting Cream mostly due to the adult themes and links to the Sonic franchise. In fact, this game feels like a side scroller like the old Disney titles like Aladdin or The Lion King.

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Yet, without all the things that made those games classics of their era. Sonic is all about speed and action and this game offers the player neither. In terms of the visual quality, the game is sub-par. The sprites for this title have clearly been lifted from other existing titles and its jarring against other assets that we can only assume were also borrowed from elsewhere. Then where sound quality is concerned, this game steals assets from other games too. This game also makes use of existing Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes to piece together voice clips where it can.

Partial voiceovers accompanied by text boxes can be done well. Just look at Persona 5 as an example of this.

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The controls are responsive and that simple mechanics implemented work as they should. Overall, this game is a train wreck, especially considering how long this game has spent in development. The gameplay is lack lustre, the sound and visual quality is laughable and the sexual content is suspect as well due to the canon age of the characters on the roster. This game is a black mark on the Sonic franchise and if Sega knew what was good for them, they would request to have this game expunged from existence.

It's no secret that there are many fans of eroge games who enjoy the furry fetish.

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And one of the games that inspired tons of these furry content is the Sonic the Hedgehog series. ProjectX: Love Potion Disaster is a hentai game based on the world and characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, pretty much a fanart game. If you are part of the furry community, this game could be for you, so let-s talk about it for a moment.

Akari work on a secret love potion. While working on this they accidentally use too much of Akari's pheromone. The secret lab rumbles with the chaos Eggman is bringing to the city, and the project accidentally expels this mutated love potion all over the world.

Download projectx: love potion disaster

Our character now has to save the heroes of the world from these weird and face the world. Even though it's a hentai game based on the sonic universe, the gameplay is actually beat 'em up. It doesn't play like any Sonic game at all, and the porn scenes are weird in every possible way. The characters aren't great, it's not like Sonicmania where the art is incredible and nice looking. This game is the definition of a weird title.

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The story isn't as well written as in games like Legend of Queen Opala. And the game world isn't really well-developed.

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The characters are written similarly to fanfic. ProjectX: Love Potion Disaster is weird in every way. The gameplay is not what one would expect from an eroge game. It's not even what you'd expect from a sonic game either. The sex scenes are oddly animated but they are alright.

Projectx: love potion disaster

There are many Sonic characters in this game, and with the pheromone around they all have sex all the time. If you are looking for something like this, then this game is probably for you.

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This game is hard to recommend, the only way we could really recommend it is if you really love sonic and furry hentai. Otherwise, it's not easy to enjoy, even though it's a full game already. Some things feel like they are still in development, and it even received further development after release for some years.

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Graphics and visuals: The entire game UI looks awful. The art of the characters is really spot on, and they captured the Sonic style. But the animations are really odd, and they don't look fluid or natural. And many character proportions are really odd. Gameplay: It's hard to go wrong with a beat 'em up game.

The controllers feel stiff and not too responsive. The sexual scenes play off weirdly and are hard to enjoy.

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It's certainly not as fast as you'd expect from a game inspired and based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Sound: Once again, the soundtrack captured the essence of the Sonic games. Even though the sound effects aren't great, the music covers up a bit. Browse games Game Portals.

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ProjectX: Love Potion Disaster. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

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Game review Downlo Screenshots Cut and Paste This game also makes use of existing Sonic games such as Sonic Heroes to piece together voice clips where it can. The Verdict Overall, this game is a train wreck, especially considering how long this game has spent in development. Overall rating: 5.

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