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Ravenangel Newbie. Aug 5, 40 Hey thanks for all your help unlocking I wonder if you were intrested in the authors project soo cubus Just letting you and everyone know about it and I might get round to playing it someday. May 15, Very kind of youi found out how to edit the variables.

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I'm thinking a separate save file for each on day 99 or something but yeah might not be worth it. I might add you for future stuff then. Aug 23, 41 BigLalzz New Member.

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Sep 24, 4 0. Can anyone give me a tip on where to find the different beasts? I know where the demon cow and the tentacle monster are. I just defeated the one in the third dungeon, way up high, and it gave me a key. Don't know what to do whit it. Sexums said something about using it on a wall, but no idea where Can anyone give a hint as to what to do with the key and where to find the fourth beast?

Jun 5, 3, 2, BigLalzz said:. Reactions: BigLalzz. Have you checked the key in your inventory.

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It has a hint. It starts with B. I just did the three beasts again. The yellow one in the third dungeon gave me a key at least the message said so the moment it died but I can't see it in my inventory. What I have in my inventory is Speed heels, amulets of muscles and absthe crown of brain cells, seductive perfume, purse of many things, corset of cheating and shroomheirloom There's three spaces left open.

One for the amulet of hips, one for the paddle that repels monsters and a third one I don't know what for. Anyway, I can't see the key in my inventory.

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It's not in that part of your inventory. Check your items when you're not in a dungeon. It's in the top right. Reactions: sadiajosdjiooij. I know you weren't asking me, but I have done some edits in other flash games.

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I usually like to make Cheat Engine tables for the H-games I play as well. I think you should make a post somewhere not sure if f95 has a section where you put all your cheat tables. Sometimes in the individual forum it's too messy to find the single post which someone has posted their cheats.

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Which other flash games you talking about? The ones I've usually like are mostly movie, some of the traditional Japanese ones I look for a save file or something because I'd have no idea otherwise how to beat.

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Charlezzz Newbie. Aug 8, 26 Ravenangel said:.

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Here is the save. As per saves, this one gives: maxed stats, full gallery unlocked, near infinite stamina for work events, a few tweeks to dungeon missions nothing crazy to help speed through that grind a bit, nightly sex scenes,and I tampered a little with items, haven't gotten to test it fully yet though. Charlezzz said:. This is for the 2. Version 2.

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Reactions: MystZER0sadiajosdjiooijeldebara and 2 others. Jumbo Newbie. Feb 2, 47 Thanks a lot friend! Can i ask you if you also have patreon exclusive animations? Ralen Newbie. Jun 1, 22 5. Reactions: SuitedPanda.

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Jumbo said:. Thanks for ing 2. Can you also post the changelog? Hey a newbie here, cant simply find the save folder tried some stuff but no luck finding em I also have the problem that my saves get lost somehow and i have to restart the complete game from the very beginning.

Maybe some tips and hints??? I can try to track one down, but as I am not a supporter on patreon I dont have easy access to it. I find the game through other means. But at least it's in a timely manner.

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I'll try to track it down. A branching storyline so surprising ; Four new sleepover animations though with a bit of a twist, for variety ; and Four new endings, one of which is job-specific. You know, because, gloryholes.

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