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Released on December 1st, Genitals censored with mosaics. A high-budget Japanese hentai visual novel, with production values up the ass, Tenioha plays it safe with its generic school premise, and female character des. This game features three very perverted, very dirty-talking young ladies with the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac.

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It is basically a club for slackers filled with gorgeous girls playing games and surfing the Internet. Urges are bound to skyrocket…. Any help with this would be appreciated. Not a fan of traps myself, but why did they remove the virgin blood? I suggest if some of you guys that hates bad ending, I suggest that you stay out of this eroge. Sad for me to have this memories keep stuck in my mind.

Tenioha! : girls can be pervy too! free download

Totally disagree man… there are walkthroughs available. There are really excellent endings for each of them.

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For instance — in one, you realize the girl has ended things because she tenioha game most likely unable to bear children and does not want to burden you with that… so you challenge her and win — and ask her what she thinks of you. I know this censoring business is frustrating but maybe I can ease your anger a little bit.

Trap route is really short compared to the other 3 and the hidden one contains 2 h scenes in total which are a little underwhelming. Never mind, found it apparently my screen is too small to so the buttons because my laptop kept deleting the game because it detects it as a virus and I have no control the program. Tenioha game to switch to my windows tablet to see it. Can you help me? I wonder if anyone has been having this issue and could help me? Running it on Windows 7, my locale is set as Japan and all the usual things, but still, no luck.

It just sort of freezes on launch. A sky full of star 2. I have a problem when I try to open the game a message is displayed about missing save data, what to do to start working?? But other than that im fine with it really i just play it normally and forget about the things got censored at least try to be ignorant about it.

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Personally i find the whole virgin blood thing in VNs to be a major turnoff. But you got to admit your choice of words was pretty funny. From the comments it seems that the trap route was removed. If so, why?

Tenioha - game review

I always get a kick out of these comments. So if you dont pay you cant criticise it? The VN subreddit was also warning people and shitting on nutaku, since they arent buying it either they should shut up?

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This website is not affiliated with the translators or publishers in any way, the admin just collects games. If you want things to change, complain where people will actually hear you. Stop putting words in his mouth dude. Not going to happen. You may as well download the entire game for that. I find it hard to believe that alone is what returns the blood back.

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There has to be other things as well that may mess the game up. They told me it was due to their payment processor who wouldnt allow traps. Sounds pretty homophobic if you ask me. Not only is homophobic a word, it does not mean the fear of men. I get it a little bit now, i guess. I did actually enjoy typing a message deed simply to tell somebody just how wrong and close-minded they are so thoroughly. Pathetic attempt to make up a word tenioha game as homophobic for the explicit agenda to shut down arguments and silence the rationale.

Just a few years ago these things were where they should remain in the closet now they flaunt it in public front of children bringing confusion even saying bold face lies that such a concept is even gifted from birth.

Hentai game review: tenioha, girls can be pervy too

Why yes they did that! Two men or two women irl will never be a thing in reality just look at history. Faggots irl are disgusting anyways but these are drawings. Removed trap route? Saves me the trouble of avoiding it myself No virgin blood?

That fuking sucks, minor thing though. Yeah, the removal of blood makes no logical sense. Not a fan of traps myself and fine with them gone but I also do not vouch for censorship.

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Your posts sounded like something a feminazi would come up with, which makes your complaint about censorship take the backseat to the point of being irrevelant. So yeah, good job at making an idiot out of yourself. Whether the joke was funny or not it should have been obvious to someone with an ounce of lateral thinking. See, I know what that word means. Therefore your claims are blatant lies which actually apply to you, not me.

Tenioha! : girls can be pervy too!

Rock, if you consider your first statement was a joke, then you might have bad sense of humor, mate. Just saying. And the removal of defloration blood is purely cosmetic — all the girls start as virgins, blood or not. Know this in your heart and be at peace. Re-reading the comments seriously they did remove the trap route facepalm fuck me in the ass hope some holy-man will translate that route and make a patch for it and blood seriously? They are truly snowflakes for removing the blood but gay for removing the gay in the game? Logic kid, never forsake it.

Thanks for the idea. The whole Tor thing is too slow — 3 hops slow tenioha game the connection ificantly; but the whole edit html thing idea is great — sped up downlo and now go back to it once every 12 minutes instead of 6 then 2. Just mind that the first choice is always the deciding choice for getting the heroine of tenioha game specific choice time, if you pick the second choice for a specific choice time then it will lead to you continuing and encountering another choice time for another heroine— same as ly and repeat though there are only 4 ends, 3 routes.

Trap and blood removed… meaning? Trap should stay gone but what is the talk about blood?

Are we talking virgin blood or is this game weirder than i expected? I was about to check this one out then saw the bisexual tag then decide to see the comment. Fucking lol the game orginally had gay trap shit in it so you can fuck off there buddy. Why does it bother you so much? Does seeing a little penis get you triggered. Better not look down then. Girls Can Be Pervy Too! Urges are bound to skyrocket… Game download Free download Screenshots Related links.

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See also: Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Naked Butlers ». November 6, at pm. AbyssBreaker says:.

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July 25, at am. Dotu says:. March 18, at am. Dikku says:. January 27, at am. Dark GameMaster says:. January 1, at pm. NahItIsGreatMan says:. June 28, at am.